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  As the aviation industry returns to growth, new qualified personnel will continue to be in demand to support fleet growth.   This course will teach students how to start their own drone business, how to prospect potential clients, market to customers, and develop a portfolio to show customers. We will prepare students to take the FAA drone pilot written exam (part 107 commercial drone pilot) through partnered online ground schools. 

Students will learn:

  • Opportunity to fly several models of drones
  • Safety and regulations
  • Use of drone related technology (DJI app, Iphone/ipad, etc)
  • Accumulate flight hours in airplane simulator and operating drones
  • Drone skills (hand eye coordination, navigation, camera operation, visual line of site
  • networking skills, join community forums, learning about potential clienta
  • Opportunity to earn FAA drone/part 107 commercial license
  • Flight simulator time (Redbird LD simulator time)
  • Sectional chart interpretation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of technical platforms for flight navigation (Foreflight, skyvector)
  • Pilot communication (basic ATC (air traffic control communication)
  • Interpret weather (Fly vs. No fly)
  • Flight planning
  • Preparation for the Private Pilot Exam (Online Ground school)
  • Instruction from a CFI (certified flight instructor)
  • How to fill out a logbook
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